• Wa•ter•shape
    (wô' tər' shāp)
    n. 1. A structure that uses water in an artistic way.
    2. Water as art in the form of a pool, spa, fountain, natural stream, lake, etc.
    - wa • ter • shap • er n. 1. One who designs watershapes, especially professionals educated in the related arts and sciences.
    - wa • ter • shap • ing v. 1. The act or practice of watershape design.
  • Collaborative Approach
    Watershape Team + Client Team = Project Success
  • Inventive Solutions
    Experience + Expertise = Creative Solutions + Superior Results
  • Exceptional Engineering
    Professional engineers specializing in watershape design and construction methods.



aquatic feasibility studies, demographics and user group identification, aquatic programming and concepts, opinion of cost, ancillary facility planning

Construction Documents

Revit and AutoCAD plans and sections, 3D mechanical design, thorough details, written specifications, sealed and wet signed by a licensed professional engineer

Construction Management

general engineering contractor, general building contractor, swimming pool contractor, cost estimating, critical path scheduling, resource and subcontractor management


vanishing edge pools, spas, water features, original concepts, code compliance, design for safety, scale and shape, style and features, 3D modeling and rendering

Permit Processing

permit applications and submittals, plan check corrections, building, public works and health department permits, coastal and floodplain watershape development, inspections


research and development, intellectual property, product development, utility patents, design patents, general consulting for watershape design and construction practices


reinforced concrete vessels and retaining walls, pier and beam foundations, hydraulic, hydrology and water-in-transit engineering, mechanical, electrical and plumbing

Construction Administration

bid review, value engineering, contract negotiations, shop drawing review, product submittals, substitutions, construction observation with written reports

Expert Witness/Forensics

problem identification, reverse engineering, root cause analysis, expert opinion reports, litigation, depositions, trials, patent infringement expert witness

our work process

  • PD
  • Pre-Design

    • Planning & programming
    • Concept design
    • Feasibility studies
  • SD
  • Schematic Design

    • Review laws, codes, and regulations
    • Preliminary design
    • Process schematic diagrams
  • DD
  • Design Development

    • Refined design
    • Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and lighting design
    • Structural and hydraulic engineering
  • CD
  • Construction Documents

    • Details
    • Permit and construction drawings
    • Written specifications
  • BN
  • Bid & Negotiations

    • Competitive or negotiated bid review
    • Contractor qualification review
    • Contract administration
  • CA
  • Construction Administration

    • Shop drawing review
    • Product submittals
    • Construction review

"Less is More"

-- Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
Architect & Bauhaus Director

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what we do?

Project Types

  • Residential
    custom watershapes for discerning clients
  • Commercial
    community pools and world class resorts
  • Institutional
    universities, hospitals, and churches
  • Historic
    restoration and preservation
  • Zoological
    exhibits and life support systems

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Work Product

  • Models
    3D computer modelling and rendering
  • Drawings
    AutoCAD and Revit construction documents
  • Project Manuals
    written specifications in CSI format
  • Reports
    engineering analysis and expert opinions
  • Estimates
    probable costs and critical path schedules

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Clients & Projects

  • Homeowners
    original design concepts and details
  • Developers
    planning and construction documents
  • Architects
    structurally integrated vessels, rooftop pools
  • Landscape Architects
    unified design approach
  • Attorneys
    expert witness and dispute resolution

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"Water indeed reflects heaven"

-- Henry David Thoreau
Author, Poet, & Naturalist


meet Our Team

Richard C. Kremer


Currently pursuing B.A. in Architecture. Richard leads our drafting standards, AutoCAD and Revit workflows. He has designed everything from basic pools and fountains to complete resort complexes with multiple pools, ponds, and water features.

Dave Peterson


B.S. Civil Engineering with a concentration in Water Resources from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Founded the firm in 2004 after 10 years of experience in the watershaping industry. Licensed professional engineer in half of the country.

Dirk "Jake" Jansse

Project Manager

B.S. Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nevada at Reno. Jake leads all structural design and engineering and is a licensed civil engineer in California and Nevada. He is proficient in several structural analysis applications.

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